Johnny Gaddaar is a reverse kind of suspense thriller


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Sriram Raghavan returns after a long break of three years with Johnny


Sriram Raghavan returns after a long break of three years with Johnny

Gaddaar. His last film Ek Hasina Thi stunned the audiences with its

amazing storyline and brilliant direction. Raghavan sticks to his suspense

thriller genre and brings you Johnny Gaddaar. IndiaFM brings you the

exclusive promo watch of Johnny Gaddaar.

The promo opens with the audio from Dev Anand starrer Johnny Mera

Naam where Dev Anand shouts out his name, “Johnny”. Sriram Raghavan

explains, “I am a big fan of Vijay Anand… there is also a certain

justification for the title in the movie”. That probably explains the addition

of Dev Anand’s dialogue and the movie title.

The first scene gives a glimpse of all the actors – Dharmendra, Zakir

Hussain, Vinay Pathak, Daya Shetty and debutant Neil Mukesh. It’s clear

that the five men are conspiring for a robbery.

The promo then focuses on Neil Mukesh. Rimii Sen plays his lover.

Every character above then makes appearances and they all seem to be

stuck in tricky situations. One interesting scene is when Dharmendra twists

Neil’s arm, Dharmendra is back to being the iron man. Suddenly there are

shots of Neil counting and accumulating money. Loads and loads and

loads of money. “It’s a reverse kind of suspense where the audiences

know right from the beginning what’s happening and who the culprit is but

the characters don’t know”, informs Raghavan.

The promo clearly suggests that the film is about conspiracy, betrayal,

suspense and action of course. Neil is the highlight of the promo and he

seems promising enough. The promo is catchy and generates interest in the