John: Number game anyone?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 4 -- Oi oi.. what is this I'm hearing now? I was just about to go for my weekly manicure-pedicure when my parinda from Andheri's Lokhandwala Complex barged in. He wants to tell me about John Abraham being a closet mathematician. Matlab?

Meaning, he explains that John not only remembers phone numbers, but also birthdays, anniversaries, automobile numbers et al. So? And if that's not enough, he's also good with calculations, as those currently working with him on Ishaan discovered.

Every time someone poses a numerical question to him, he gives him the answer in a jiffy. Chalo, good for him. Hope he also knows the number of crores his films have lost in the recent times also. After all, such is life dearies.