John fell for Priya while still seeing Bips?


By Hindustan Times

So far everyone thought that John Abraham met and proposed marriage to Priya Runchal in a huff. But with fresh information emerging this seems to be far from truth. The duo met at the same gym where John and Bipasha used to work out.

"It all began in December 2010 at a gym in Bandra, where John and Bipasha used to work out together. Initially, Priya would only exchange pleasantries with the couple. However, slowly and steadily, she started getting close to John. Bipasha didn't see the chemistry brewing between the two. Or maybe, she chose to ignore it," Mumbai Mirror quotes a common friend of John and Bipasha's.

"Actually, Bipasha was so much in love with John that she never paid heed to any rumours about him. All she wanted from him was marriage; settling down and starting a family. She had even stopped being ambitious about her career and had been asking him to marry her for the past three years," the source tells the tabloid.

Right now rumour mills are abuzz that John Abraham has secretly tied the knot with his investment banker girlfriend Priya Runchal.