John-Bipasha split:Soham to blame?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 25 -- Wakey wakey my walnut cookies! Yeah, I do know it's that time of the week when you just don't feel like getting out of the bed, but the sizzling summer is not letting you stay a while longer under your sheets either. Nonetheless, here I am with such scooplets spicy enough to drive away your Monday morning blues.

So rise forth and read on sweetums... I've just been informed that John Abraham is mighty upset with Soham Shah. Nah, it has nothing to do with the director going ahead and making Kidnap with Imran Khan, but the reasons are more personal.

Sher Lock Holmes tells me that John is said to have found out that Soham and his wife Binal are responsible for creating the rift between him and Bipasha Basu. Yeah, the once-upon-a-time hot couple has gone cold and the actor blames it all on the director and his designer biwi.

Matlab, my super sleuth explains that Soham would discuss John's link-ups, with added masala, with Binal... And she would then add her own two-bits and pass on the information to Bipsy. Bas, aur kya? When she couldn't handle the garma-garam gup Binal was shupping to her, Bips apparently confronted her beau about it.

And it seems, she insisted that the only way to prove the naysayers wrong was for her and John to tie the knot. But too much tu tu main main happened, forcing the twosome to take a break from each other, I'm informed. Hmmm... Ab tera kya hoga Soham?