John, Bipasha: Alag, alag!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Mar. 10 -- Guess what, it seems that things are really souring between John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, remarks my dhobi Safedi Lal as he strolls in. What are you blabbering now, I wonder, and he says the once-upon-a-time hot couple has gone thanda. Matlab?

Meaning, I'm told yesterday afternoon, Johnny boy was hanging around at Gold's Gym in Bandra, where the Basu babe works out regularly. So? So, dhobi says that the handsome hunk wasn't doing any kasratbaazi, but chit-chatting with a couple of trainers.

And strangely, about 15 minutes after Abraham left, Basu sauntered in, with her trainer and friend, Deanne Pandey, so I'm told. However, unlike him, she didn't waste any time and got straight to her training regime, starting with a run on the treadmill... while her Pandey pal went about her workout a few feet away. Hmmm.