John Abraham: Work out wisely!


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Oct. 5 -- If you loved actor John Abraham's beefy new look in his latest flick, Force, then you would surely like to know how he buffed up for the role.

"In order to look and feel like our characters, we have to gain or lose weight. That's the trickiest and, at times, the toughest aspect of being an actor because one shortcut or miscalculation can lead to a lot of problems," says Abraham, adding that losing or gaining weight, beefing up or just plain toning requires a certain amount of time.

"For Force, director Nishikant Kamat told me to look like a cyborg because the audience must feel that if this man raises his hand, it will hurt. On the other hand, Kapil told me to just look fit because I play a music producer. Thankfully, both directors gave me ample time to get my body in shape," says Abraham, who took eight months to go from 86 kilos to 96 kilos and has now spent over four months to get down to 80 kilos.

The 39-year-old actor believes that building one's body involves science, not just plain effort. "It's important to love your body, it should be happy. Don't treat it like an object that won't feel pain if you overdo exercise or follow a crash diet. Being cautious is my way to healthy living," he says. "Before anyone starts working out, I would advise him or her to get a thorough check-up done, including testing their metabolism. It is only then that we realise how much we take our body for granted," says the actor.