John Abraham: 'Mahi is not acting in my film'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec. 2 -- Of late, Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni as been making news in Bollywood in a big way. The reason: reports of him acting in a Hindi film, thanks to John Abraham.

"There's absolutely no truth to it," clarifies John, adding, "The fact is that Dhoni and I are very close friends. Be it the cricketing fraternity or film world, I think my closest friend in the world would definitely be Mahi." Over time, reports have suggested that Dhoni might make an appearance in two films -John's untitled co-production, and David Dhawan's long-stuck Hook Ya Crook.

"If I ever make a film and feel the need for Mahi, I will definitely ask him. But at this point, there's absolutely no truth to this news. The kind of faith Mahi and I have in each other has got nothing do with any kind of professional relationship. Neither would I ask him to act in films, nor will he invite me to bat," laughs John.

"We share a relationship where we always want the best for each other. So I take personal offence if I hear anything negative about him. And I'm sure he feels the same."