John Abraham: Cheating is not in my DNA!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 12 -- For a long time, John Abraham has been in the news for several things - his production house, the success of Vicky Donor, cheating allegations by ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu and his current relationship with Priya Runchal.

Now, for the first time, John talks about his split with Bipasha, Priya and more.

Your reaction on the allegations in your earlier relationship... I know that break-ups stir up a lot of emotions and I can empathise with that. I come from a family where credibility and honesty have always mattered. Cheating and dishonesty, in any form, is not in my DNA. It is unfortunate if my silence is mistaken as acceptance for things said about me. I have always maintained a dignified silence because that is how I am raised. I have a clear conscience.

How would you describe your present relationship? Things are beautiful and simple, and that's why I protect it so much. We have a true and deep connection and are focused on living our lives and planning for the future. Priya's a private person and tends to not be overly concerned with my career. She likes to focus on her work, our relationship, families and friends. I appreciate that she is grounded and mature beyond her age because it's very easy to get consumed by this business.

Do your parents tell you to tie the knot soon? No, there's not even an iota of pressure from mom and dad. In fact, they are very relaxed about it. My parents, otherwise too, have never forced anything on me. They have always left me to myself.

Do you feel your personal life has made you a happier person? When you get a strong sense of support in your personal space, it percolates to your workspace. If I am disturbed personally, I am sure it would reflect in my working style - as a producer as well as an actor. I can state with confidence that my best work is yet to come.