John Abraham to become 'real action hero'

By Hindustan Times

Action films are Bollywood’s new formula for instant success, with every actor worth his salt climbing on to the bandwagon in the last two years. John Abraham, tagged ‘Action Abraham’ by his fans, feels that the industry needs to further improve the quality of action. “What we need is a real action hero. I don’t mean a superhero or a guy who does unbelievable stunts while strung on cables. I mean action using physical strength; and I hope to fill that void. I hope I can justify the Action Abraham tag my fans have given me next year, with action-packed films. I have Race 2, Madras Café (his own production) and Shootout At Wadala. They will take action to another level.” John adds, “There are two kinds of action — where you are kicking around and people say ‘wow’, and