Jism 2 not about nudity: Mahesh Bhatt

By Hindustan Times

Director Mahesh Bhatt, who has offered the lead role to adult movie star Sunny Leon in his upcoming film Jism 2, says the movie is not about nudity though the name may suggest otherwise.

Bhatt, who went all the way to the Bigg Boss house to meet Sunny, said she has agreed to be a part of his daughter Pooja Bhatt's film.

"Our first meeting was successful. She was very happy when I offered her the movie. Now the discussions will take place between Pooja (Bhatt) and Sunny's agent about the further details. I hope that everything works out and she will soon start shooting," Bhatt told PTI.

"I feel she has the potential to play the lead role in Jism 2... Although she didn't recognize me and I don't think she watches Bollywood movies, she is looking forward to her Bollywood break," Bhatt said.

The 63-year-old direct