Javed Akhtar knows formula to write super-flops!

By Hindustan Times

Acclaimed writer Javed Akhtar says there is no fixed formula to write superhit films. However, he admits he can clearly tell the ways to write a movie that will bomb at the box office.

"Someone once asked me You have written a lot of superhit films. What is the formula to write superhit films? I said if I knew it, then I would have always written a Sholay. But I can tell you the formula to write a superflop," the 68-year-old said here Thursday at the launch of Vijay Akela's poetry book Lashkar.

"There are two ways - first when you think with great contempt that this is what the public wants. Second, when you think I want to say a very big and deep thing. Both such films will be very bad because in both cases you are trying to hit a target without actually seeing it," he a