'Jassi' Mona Singh bags role in '3 Idiots'

Mumbai, Oct 9 (IANS) 'Jassi' Mona Singh, who has just turned 27, has more than one reason to celebrate - the popular TV actress has just been signed by Rajkumar Hirani for a pivotal role in "3 Idiots".

Her track is totally different from Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor and also not featured in Chetan Bhagat's novel.

"Yeah, I am doing Rajkumar Hirani's film. And I couldn't have hoped for a better birthday gift. What do I play? All I can tell you is, I don't play one of the idiots. I play the sayaani (wise) character, ha ha," Mona, who celebrated her birthday Wednesday, told IANS.

Mona, who became popular after playing an unattractive bespectacled secretary in "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin",