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Author : Shridevi Keshavan Date : 10/8/2007
Taboo Nawasha of Black Eyed Peas says he would love to team up with the Indian legend

Here's one more international artiste who wants to collaborate with Lata Mangeshkar — Taboo Nawasha (Jaime Luis Gomez) from the music group Black Eyed Peas is bowled over by the singer and wants to work with her. "We used a small portion of an Indian melody for our song 'Don't Phunk With My Heart' and I would definitely want to meet the original artiste. Lata is brilliant," he exclaims.

Black Eyed Peas will be performing on October 16 in Bangalore and Taboo's dynamic dance moves and rapping skills along with the rest of the band members he guarantees will rock the performance. "It is definitely going to be an energetic performance. For us travelling to India holds a lot of sentimental value; the culture is intriguing," says the artiste.

The group's female lead Fergie is a huge hit and quiz Taboo what is it like having a girl in a group and he says, "She really liked our group and joined us. In fact she will be doing her solo act as well during the show. It's great fun to have her in the band. She's just like a little sister to me."Taboo is into martial arts and his crazy Kung-Fu inspired dance moves in their videos are a treat to watch. "My martial arts helps me perform better but I never take credits for my individual performance. It's a group and so we all have to be high-energy," he explains.

The musician is of Mexican descent and will soon be out with his solo album. "I love Carlos Santana and would definitely want to collaborate with him. I feel Shakira is also a great artiste," he says before adding that he is working on his solo work which will be Latin-Mexican mix. "I love my people and it's great to have their support," he avers.

In the midst of tour Taboo is sure missing his home, especially his son Joshua. "I think it's very important to have love in your life. I'm very happy when my son is around and loving my music," he signs off.

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