Jackky Bhagnani : In the nick of time!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 13 -- Jackky Bhagnani turned from a reel hero to a real one when he jumped off a cliff to save his Faltu co-actor Chandan Roy Sanyal while the unit was filming a song sequence in Mauritius. It required them to jump off a cliff into the water.

The location has been used earlier in a couple of movies to show actors jumping off cliffs. But all the scenes have been shot with cables attached. However, first-time director, choreographer Remo D'Souza wanted his actors to fall freely. Sanyal informed that he didn't know how to swim. Since there was no way they could use a duplicate, Bhagnani convinced his co-actor to jump, and promised to save him from drowning. For that, he jumped a few seconds before Sanyal to ensure that he pulls him out of the water in the nick of time.

"The spot from where the water fell from the cliff was quite deep. So the moment Chandan touched the water, I grabbed his hand to prevent him from going under water," recalls Bhagnani. "I'm not a superhero. We were working together as one unit. So if someone has a problem, it's my duty to bail him out."