Jackie Chan, lover of papads and Bollywood films



We’ve all known him as the master of action sequences. In addition to his mind-boggling stunts, he also wins hearts with rib-tickling comedy. Meet Jackie Chan, the king of kung-fu and much more.

Jackie Chan, who was in the capital for the first time to celebrate the Chinese Film Festival, is as genial and hilarious off-screen as he is in films. The actor spoke about his films, Bollywood and even his love for Indian food.

Addressing a packed and extremely excited audience, a humble Jackie said," I’m so excited, so happy and honoured to be here." "I'm not young anymore, but you all love me. And that is why I do stunts, and risk my life for all you fans," he added.

Even at 59, Jackie is young as ever and still wants to grow. Expressing his desire to evolve as an actor, he says, “I no longer want to be known as just an action star but also as an actor in my own right, like Robert De Niro. I used to enjoy action but now I enjoy acting.”

While many look up to the Hong Kong star, Jackie, who performs his stunts on his own, calls Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Lee his inspiration. In fact, he added that in his younger days, he’d look up to Stallone for his role as Rocky. Interestingly, the two may share screen space in Stallone’s third franchise The Expendables 3.

Love for India
When in India, it is inevitable for a Hollywood star to be asked questions about Indian food and Bollywood. Which was probably the reason why Chan thought Indians would not believe him if he told them how much he actually loved Indian food. Almost asking his friends to vouch for this fact, the actor talked about how in Hong Kong and every time he went to the US , he had Indian food at least a couple of times. “My favourite is the poppadom (papad), it’s crunchy... and I love the ka--daa-ii chicken (kadhaai chicken) and... what else and yes the Biryani too," exclaimed an enthusiastic Chan.

When asked about Bollywood, Chan remarked on how he had seen recent films improve a lot and that they were no longer just about songs and dance.

So, would he star in a Bollywood film? The answer is enthusiastic and in the affirmative. “I would definitely want to do a Bollywood film!" In fact, almost advertising for himself, he added, "I love the singing and dancing. I am a good singer. I hope that Indian directors call me with good roles. Actually, I am a very good actor and not only fight, fight, fight," he quipped.

At the very end, the actor left the audience after singing a touching song about loving your country in Chinese, and the ecstatic audience just cheered him on and on.