''It's time to hike my price'' - Tusshar Kapoor


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Post the success of Golmaal Returns, Tusshar Kapoor has pretty much realized his market worth. Though he was content working in a particular price range over the years, now he certainly wishes to be more demanding when it comes to monetary compensation.

''Yeah, why not'', questions Tusshar, ''I guess it's just fair for me to hike my price. I have worked hard to reach this stage and deserve the price I should command now."

So is he also looking at mega crore deals, just like so many colleagues? ''I don't wish to divulge how many crores but I can assure that it won't be something overtly obscene which you see with so many other actors. It would be the price that I deserve. Also, I am not talking about some of the most unreasonable numbers that you keep hearing about when it comes to the big stars. I am also talking about the medium level stars who don't blink an eyelid while raising their price but continue to retain it even after their immediate next film flops. Now that's unfair'', Tusshar says.

How about the kind of films that he would like to do now post Golmaal Returns? Would he be restricting himself to comedy? ''To answer your first query, the first and foremost criteria that I have set myself is to choose my projects very carefully. No wrong move from here on; I can't afford to do that, you know. I have had enough of experimental cinema, now it's entertainment time", Tusshar says as a matter of fact.

What is his definition of entertaining cinema? "Well, entertaining cinema is the kind that you see in Golmaal Returns as well as Shootout At Lokhandwala. Both films are as different from each other as chalk and cheese but are entertaining nevertheless. I want to be a part of such cinema which is fun, regardless of whether the genre is action or comedy", signs off Tusshar.