It's Sallu vs Akki!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Aug. 27 -- Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan aren't above making snide remarks at each other on a public platform. Although done in a tongue-in-cheek manner, the actors took potshots at each on Twitter recently when Salman wrote, "Khans plant trees, not stories" and Akshay responded "Kumars are used to Khans getting more attention."

The whole controversy began on the sets of Aneez Bazmee's Thank You in Canada, which stars Akshay and actors Irrfan and Sonam Kapoor.

According to a report, during the shoot, a fan approached a crew member and asked if she could get a picture clicked with the stars of the film. When the crew member pointed out to Akshay, the fan reportedly said that she wanted to get a picture taken with Irrfan instead. Ever since, some speculated that the story may have been planted by Irrfan's publicists to make the actor look good.

Coming to Irrfan's rescue, Salman tweeted, "I jst hrd tht fans hv overlooked akshay kumar n gone to irfan khan for photos. I find tht hard to believe (that Irrfan planted the story). Khans plant trees. Not stories (sic)."

To this, Akshay responded, "Salman we love you man. Its all good, Kumars are used to Khans getting more attention, you aren't called Kings for nothing :) anyway it was nice to have 5 mins of peace in Toronto, i was happy for Irfan. And hey, you are right, will tell Irfan to plant trees in the future." Irrfan was unavailable for comment.