It's heroine time in Bollywood!

By Hindustan Times

With women-centric films like Kareena Kapoor's Heroine, Rani Mukherjee's "Aiyyaa" and Sridevi's comeback English Vinglish set to take centrestage in the coming months in Bollywood, heroines are ready to battle it out at the box office. The year began with Vidya Balan's 'Kahaani'. The actress, who had already challenged the male dominion at the box office last year with her superhit "The Dirty Picture", broke many stereotypes with the thriller.The film had a seven-month pregnant heroine without any recognisable stars apart from Balan but managed to earn critical acclaim as well as audience's love.

Bipasha Basu, whose past few films failed to find audience, delivered a hit with horror 'Raaz 3' with her portrayal of a fading superstar obssessed with her career. The Bong beauty, who recognises that Bollywood is male dominated, is happy that there is a