It's all about the birds in Barfi!


By Hindustan Times

The Ala Barfi track from upcoming Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra starrer has been garnering quite a bit of attention.

And Ranbir’s panchee (bird) step in the video too has gained popularity. Few know that the step has a story of it’s own. Director Anurag Basu reveals, “One of the members of our unit, Sikander, would do this particular step whenever he got drunk. It’s become very popular with the cast and crew because this is the only step he does. Funnily enough, he goes on for an hour or so sometimes.

How did it make it to the song then?

“The night before we started shooting for ‘Ala Barfi’, there was a party in my room, so everyone was there and in high spirits. Sikander started doing this step and everyone burst into laughter,” narrates Anurag.

“So the day we started shooting, Ranbir was supposed to dance in a wedding procession and we were wondering what step to put. That’s when Ranbir came up to me and said, ‘Dada, we should use the step Sikander does. It will look fabulous.’ And that’s how we got this idea.”

After they zeroed in on the step, they decided to let the unit member choreograph it himself.

Anurag says, “He was a little shy and conscious to do the step in front of us, but eventually we made him do it. Finally, once he showed it to us, we started filming it.”