It was Renzel who wanted Anurag: Karan Johar


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Jan 4 (IANS) Karan Johar has patched up with Anurag Kashyap and offered the talented filmmaker a job as a dialogue writer at the behest of director Renzel d'Silva.

To be produced by Karan's Dharma Productions, the film will be directed by d'Silva.

"It was he who said things about me. Yes, Anurag is writing the dialogues for a film to be directed by Renzel d'Silva, that extremely talented writer who scripted 'Rang De Basanti'. Renzel is directing an emotional thriller for my Dharma Productions," Karan told IANS.

"It was Renzel's idea to get Anurag on board for the dialogues. It had nothing to do with my patch up with Anurag," added Karan who has just returned to Mumbai after a short New Year holiday in Goa.

"I took the opportunity in Goa of doing some more reading for my next directorial project which I want to call 'Khan'. The film requires extensive research."


Mahesh Bhatt not directing Benazir project

Mahesh Bhatt has no plans of directing a project on late Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto that will be undertaken in collaboration with Pakistan.

"I'm through with direction. My last film as director was 'Zakhm'. Then I hung up my boots. The page in my life has turned," said Bhatt.

So what's the truth about the proposed Benazir project?

"I was approached by a lady from Pakistan who wants us (Vishesh Films) to collaborate with them. In principle we're on."

However, Bhatt thinks it's too early to get into the project.

"The news of the project came from Pakistan. We didn't announce it. We've to get a go-ahead from Benazir's family and her party. The blood is still fresh on the streets. It isn't right to talk about a movie on the slain leader's life at this stage."

Regarding the crucial question as to who will direct the Benazir project, Mahesh said: "It would most probably be a Pakistani director. He may bring into the protagonist's character and her surroundings an understanding that we may lack. We at Vishesh Films will back them with our team."