"It isn't only Vishesh Films for me" - Emraan Hashmi


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Murder, Kalyug, Zeher, Awarapan, Gangster, Jannat, Raaz 2 - Each of these films has two common factors to them - Bhatt brothers and Emraan Hashmi. Over the period of time, not just have these films (with an exception of Jannat and Raaz 2 which are yet to be released) turned out to be box office or critical successes, they have also helped both Vishesh Films and Emraan Hashmi show a constant progression.

All this makes one wonder if young Emraan Hashmi has pretty much settled down to the fact that it's this association which would form a major part of his career? Or has he ever thought of exploring new avenues?

"It's all speculation that I am interested in doing films only for Bhatt saab. It isn't only Vishesh Films for me. Yes, I share a great comfort level with them; there are no two thoughts about this. But just like the way they too are making movies with other actors (Dhokha, Showbiz), even I am working with other filmmakers", says Emraan Hashmi.

Well, one does miss the fizz when either of the two do not work with each other. Both Dhokha and Showbiz bombed at the box office while Hashmi too hasn't quite been lucky with his non-Bhatt films like The Train or Good Boy Bad Boy which released last year.

"I don't intend to blame the director of Good Boy Bad Boy, there were so many factors which went against the film. However, it was a case of the final product turning out to be different from what was written on paper. However, I still have no regrets about doing the film as I was mighty excited about the plot. Anyways, I am learning from the mistakes. It always helps when a project of your fails since you start looking at reality. It makes you realize where you have gone wrong and brings you back to reality", introspects Hashmi.

Adds Hashmi, "When you are on a high, you enjoy all the accolades coming your way. You seem to be doing everything right and get into a little relaxed mode. However, with highs like these, it is only good to have lows. Professionally, it was a low in 2007 since I was most hurt about Awarapan not working in the way I was expecting it to. "

"Anyways, thankfully there was some good critical appreciation coming my way, so no damage done. I now have my Jannat to look forward to. Hopefully it will get me critical as well as mass acclaim", winks Emraan.