It has been a beautiful journey - Jackie Chan


Author : Riddhi Doshi Date : 8/12/2007

He's led a charmed life and even as he hints at retirement, the redoubtable Jackie Chan says he's still open to doing a Bollywood film

What do you like most about the 'Rush Hour' series?

'Rush Hour' is complete escapism and an entertainer for all moviegoers. Also, the people involved in the movie are wonderful. I love working with them and consider myself very lucky to be a part of the series.

Were you disappointed when Aishwarya Rai refused to work in the film?

No, because it didn't make any difference. It was the director and producer's, call not mine.

How do you manage to keep yourself so fit?

Ah, that is something I am not going to share. It's a secret. Shhh…the secret to my fitness is practicing martial arts daily.

We've heard you like Bollywood movies. Any favourite actors?

Bollywood movies are very famous all over Asia. I like the dance and songs and moves but I don't have any favourite actor. Like everybody loves me, I love each actor in Bollywood.

Do you plan to do a Bollywood movie?

I've heard that I have a huge fan following in India. I'd like to thank all of you in India for your love and support —even before I've shown my interest in acting in Bollywood movies. I don't know what kind of roles I will get to play, but if it's something interesting I'll definitely take it up.

How do you handle so much female attention?

Well, now I am used to it.

From stunt man to action director to singer to actor. How has the journey been?

Most amazing. I still look back and ask myself, 'Where have all those years of struggle gone?' They passed by very quickly. Today I feel satisfied with my work and my life. It has been a beautiful journey.

In one interview you said you feel like retiring. Why would you want to retire?

I have struggled a lot and now I need to spend time with my family. I have not played with my kids but I want to play with my grandchildren for sure. So I am considering retirement — it might happen soon.

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