'It is cinema that fascinates me'


Author: Divya Unny
Date: 9/28/2007

Mani Ratnam's wife Suhasini chats with After Hours about films, family and more

She's the niece of superstar Kamal Haasan, but that's hardly the introduction of Suhasini, the wife of National Award winning filmmaker Mani Ratnam.

In fact, she's very much the the woman behind this successful man. "We discuss scripts in a very democratic manner — no arguments, just an exchange of ideas," says the multi-faceted lady who has dabbled in acting, scripting and direction.

She's created a mark within the South film circuit and even won a National Award for Tamil film 'Sindu Bhairavi', though she only ventured into filmmaking post her marriage in 1988. "It's only after Mani started taking care of my bread and butter that I could take time off from my acting career. Marriage has its advantages! Also having someone with experience in the same field helps a lot. I'm not in love with acting, it is cinema that fascinates me.""Mani is more calculative, while Kamal is a remarkably spontaneous," notes Suhasini. "It is good to have seen two sides of the same coin," she chuckles. She feels strongly about the dearth of women filmmakers in India. "People would rather see sexily clad women dancing. The thinking heroine might not be a priority for many, but that does not mean heroines can't think. I see so many girls much more talented than me and Revathy (Menon), but sadly without a sustainable platform."

Suhasini who currently keeps herself busy with TV shows, films and of course Mani's new projects, signs off by stubbing our curiosity about whether her only son Nandan is interested in films: "He is interested in the bigger world of politics and economics."