It’s ladies first for Shah Rukh Khan


By Hindustan Times

Shah Rukh Khan has a Women’s Day gift for his leading ladies. The 47-year-old actor has decided that the name of his female co-stars will appear before his name in the credits of his films. This will start from his next film, Chennai Express, which stars Deepika Padukone.

“I have always wanted to do this. When I was working with Madhuri (Dixit), Juhi (Chawla) and all earlier, I used to feel that their names should appear first. Then I was a newcomer and couldn’t do much about it. But now, this is how it’s going to be. If it’s an all-and-all male-oriented film, then it’s a different thing. But apart from that, this is how it should be. The women should be four steps ahead of men,” the actor said in an event on Wednesday.

He added, “I work with friends in the industry. We respect each other. I'm good with women and I'll continue being good.” On being asked how Deepika reacted to this, he said, “In our industry, actresses have never been demanding. It’s not like she’s overwhelmed or anything, but she understands the initiative and thinks this is a good thought,” he said.