It’s great to have Vidya as a sister-in-law: Kunaal Roy Kapur



Actor Kunaal Roy Kapur, 33, seems to share great camaderie with his sister-in-law actor Vidya Balan. In town to promote his film Nautanki Saala, Kapur was completely gaga about having Balan as a sister-in-law.

“It’s great to have Vidya as a sister-in-law,” he said, sharing that they meet every alternate Sunday at his parent’s home in Mumbai for a weekend lunch.

Kapur claims that he is not just a fan of her as a person but also of her acting. “I love the fact that Vidya is a very grounded person and totally in love with the process of acting rather than the fame that comes with it.”

Considered to be a recluse amongst the media, as not much is known about his family life even though he comes from a film family, (brother Siddharth Roy Kapur is CEO of UTV Motion Pictures and Aditya Roy Kapur is an actor), Kapur says that he has never tried intentionally to keep his wife and kids away from the limelight. “I have never tried to hide my family or keep them away from the media, but it is probably not interesting enough for the media to pursue,” he says.

Married to his childhood sweetheart whom he met at the age of 16, Kapur says that he can’t imagine how he would react if his friend fell in love with his girl in real life as happens in his latest movie Nautanki Saala. “I have been with one woman since the age of sixteen, but if I were to fall in love with the same girl as my friend, it wouldn’t be nice,” he confesses.

Having played comic roles in his last few movies — Delhi Belly and Nautanki Saala, Kapur says that he is itching to do a dark villainous role now. “I now want to play a dark, serious character in a film. I hope somebody offers me a villainous role soon,” sayss Kapoor, who will next be seen in a cameo in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani with Ranbir Kapoor.