Isha Koppikar to produce Shabri sequel


By Hindustan Times

Isha Koppikar is planning a sequel to her daaku (dacoit) drama Shabri and this time she wants to produce the film herself to ensure that it is not just well made, but properly marketed and released as well.

“People remember Shabri and not the film and that is a huge high for any actor. The film got me terrific critical acclaim, but commercially it didn’t do well,” she sighs, blaming its box-office performance on the delayed release.

She points out that the nine-month baby took around four years to enter the world and by the time it did, several gangster movies had come and gone. “Had Shabri come earlier it would have been a trend-setting cult movie. But when it got delayed a lot of other factors like budget etc came into play. Still, it’s a film I’ll be remembered by, which is why I plan to take the story forward,” points out the actor.

Isha says that when the film was nearing completion, director Lalit Marathe had given her a one-line narration for the sequel and now she’s anxiously waiting for him to develop the idea. “The film should take off some time around April 2012 because till then I’ll be busy with some shows and a couple of self-development, educational courses abroad,” she says. There are also plans of starting an eatery in Mumbai and then taking the Pan-Asian chain across the country and even abroad. She’s also been listening to a few scripts, but is in no hurry to sign films.

“Shabri has spoilt me. I’m not looking for only woman-centric subjects, but I’m no longer interested in just being a piece of furniture that makes a room look beautiful,” she asserts, adding, “I want to do films that make me feel good. It could even be a comedy like Kya Kool Hain Hum (2005) that had me playing a ‘paan’-chewing lady cop.”

Kya Super Kool Hain Hum is getting ready to flag off. Will Isha make a comeback in this sequel too? “Most sequels, be it Don 2 or Kya Super Kool Hain Hum, retain the boys, but not the girls,” she points out. “Even Priyanka Chopra isn’t part of Dostana 2, I’m told. So why should I be back in the Kya Super Kool Hain Hum?”