"Irrfan is the most modest and generous person I have met" - Rahul Bose


By Ryan Lobo, Bollywood Hungama News Network

We all know that there is going to be a multiple choice of films this Friday, so we decided to catch up with Rahul and quiz him about what makes his film Dil Kabbadi special and hence stand out.

What is the film Dil Kabbadi all about? Will it be like Life In A Metro?
Dil Kabbadi is a film about urban relationships or rather marriages in particular, it is about two couples, their stories as they explore the realm of marriage and life after tying the knot. It also portrays the type of boredom that an individual feels when he or she is tied down to another person, and how the love that once was begins to dry up leaving behind a chaff of troubled relations and strained ties.

Dil Kabbadi, as it deals with life and marriage, also shows the work that is needed to maintain the bond between two individuals, the insecurity, the demand of faithfulness and other aspects. The strain at times in most of such relationships is pretty evident but then this film says that marriage is something that people have to work on and if you can't handle it don't get married. And yet if you still go ahead, you might as bloody well stick to it through the good and bad times.

To a certain extent the film may seem like Life In A Metro, however here we deal with relationships in much more detail. The time and effort that has gone into bringing out the small intricacies of married life is really amazing, and is a must watch for the city audience.

In the film you were supposed to play the role alongside Soha. So, what made you decide to change and play Irrfan's role along side Konkana?
Yes, initially I was cast along side Soha, but then, I have been playing that kind of role all too often. Hence, I decided that I wanted a more straightforward and milder role. Apart from this, the character I play in the film now is that of a film professor, a guy who prides himself on being an intellectual, which, in reality though he isn't. The other aspect of him is that he tends to look down on others as he thinks of himself as better than the rest; while the role that Irrfan plays is that of this ad man who is really hip and happening. So, basically I wanted a more grounded role in the film.

Could you elaborate a bit more about the character you are playing?
As I said earlier, I play a professor, an intellectual who looks down on others, and prides himself on being broad minded and superior in terms of honesty. However, while you watch the film you tend to realize that the role Irrfan plays though highly flirtatious is more honest and precise as compared to mine.

Keeping in mind the recent happenings in Mumbai, do you think, your film will be affected in any way?
Actually, no one can say what really can happen, so I leave this to fate and I would say that the film has a 50-50 chances of being affected or not, by what has happened. Besides this, I think that the producers are the best judge for such things as ultimately it is their money that is riding on the film business.

However, as an individual who was though not born but raised in Mumbai, I, kind of understand the pulse of the city and there could be two responses, the first being 'Ok…what has happened has happened, so lets move on, like the so called 'spirit of Mumbai'. While on the other hand, we have the more cautious approach, by which things will definitely take a while to sooth down and return to normal.

Even though you were playing the role along side Konkana, you and Soha share quite a bit of screen time together. What was it like acting with her? What about Irrfan?
Yes, we have quite a few scenes together and share a lot of screen time together, and all I can say is that, she is in fact a fantastic actor, and her sense of comedy and her comic timing is simply marvelous. Irrfan is actually the most modest and generous person that I have met or have come across till date. He is very easily an amazing actor and is highly creative with his work. He is tad authentic and real when it comes to acting. In the sense that he doesn't have to try really hard to get into the role he is about to play, because, acting to him comes naturally.

Alongside Dil Kabaddi, there are quite a few other films as well that are releasing. What is that one factor that makes your film stand out from the rest? And what are the high points for the audience?
I really don't know and can't say much here as I haven't got a clue about the whole business of selling. As for what the audience should look out for is the star cast, all four of us. This will be the first time that we have come together in any film, and the resulting witty outcome is a pleasure to watch. Besides that, the script was also so interesting; it has so much relevance to today's world and the urban life that most of us live. As for the comedy, it is more verbal rather than action oriented. So I guess the audiences will have to pay attention and listen to the small nuances to get a joke or a crack.

Do you think that the producers should have altered the release date of the film?
Well that is their decision and I am just an actor. All I have to do is play the role that is allotted to me to the best of my abilities and hope that the producers and directors make an equally good call as to when the film will release and if not then what should be done.

With the increasing tensions between India and Pakistan, the relations have been strained. Do you think that cinema could help diffuse these emotions of anger and hatred?
To a certain extent yes, cinema can be used to help these relations. But to me, I feel that more interactive art forms can be of much more help, especially now that both the nations almost can't see eye to eye. What we need is an interactive form of art where both sides can come in and comment without fear of any repercussions. Conversation or just plain speaking can help sort out such problems and yes at a later stage working together also comes into play.

After Dil Kabbadi when will we see you next on the silver screen?
After Dil Kabbadi, I have Aparna Sen's The Japanese Wife. And to tell you frankly, I am eagerly awaiting its release. The reason for this is that I feel that this film is very tastefully written, the class and the complexity are so engaging that I am sure the audience will love the film.