Insha Allah...we will win the case: Salman Khan

By Hindustan Times

After a decade of being implicated in a hit- and-run case for rash and negligent driving, actor Salman Khan has now been charged with culpable homicide in the same case. But that doesn’t seem to have perturbed the 47-year-old, even though he knows that if proven guilty, he might have to serve a jail term of 10 years.

“God willing we will win this case not by any loophole or because we have the best of lawyers, but by letting law takes its own course and following our honest judicial system. I strongly believe that we will win it… Insha Allah,” said a confident Khan, during his visit to the Capital, on Friday. “I would love to talk about it (the case), but unfortunately I am the only one who can’t speak about it as the case is sub-judice, everyone else can.

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