Insha Allah...we will win the case: Salman Khan


By Hindustan Times

After a decade of being implicated in a hit- and-run case for rash and negligent driving, actor Salman Khan has now been charged with culpable homicide in the same case. But that doesn’t seem to have perturbed the 47-year-old, even though he knows that if proven guilty, he might have to serve a jail term of 10 years.

“God willing we will win this case not by any loophole or because we have the best of lawyers, but by letting law takes its own course and following our honest judicial system. I strongly believe that we will win it… Insha Allah,” said a confident Khan, during his visit to the Capital, on Friday. “I would love to talk about it (the case), but unfortunately I am the only one who can’t speak about it as the case is sub-judice, everyone else can.

Asked if he is finally making his long-overdue trip to the United States for his check up, he shared, “I was busy with a lot of stuff, so I am going now. However, I am doing absolutely fine, therefore the visit is not meant for treatment. I am going for a regular check up.” Last year Salman underwent a surgery for a facial nerve disorder in the US.

The actor is also hosting an award show for the first time. So does he believe in these awards that are panned by many in the industry for being rigged? “I do believe in the concept of awards, just that I feel I don’t deserve an award yet. People who won’t get an award perhaps might criticise or raise a finger at the credibility of these awards. Even if someone lobbies for it…if he gets it that means he deserved it. It was in their destiny,” he said, and added, “For me, my award is the reward people give me...those who go and watch my films and that is more than enough. My trip is a different trip. Why put me next to four other people who were good in their respective films…and make one win it. I don’t see myself in that space. So I keep that seat vacant for someone who really needs it.”

We will win this case not by any loophole or because we have the best lawyers but by letting law take its own course