Innumerable slaps and slurpy kisses for Ranvir Shorey on the same Friday!


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

It's a strange place to be in. Ranvir Shorey has two releases on the same Friday, August 1. While in Ugly Aur Pagli he gets endlessly slapped by Mallika Sherawat, in Good Luck which opens the same day, Ranvir runs around smooching the whole world quite democratically.

"It's a film about lucky kisses. So yes, there're lots of kisses. How many? You think I was counting? I really don't think the kisses are a big deal. The kisses are a device to pass on the good luck from one character to another. Hope the good luck passes on to the film as well. Honestly, I just have a cameo in the film. The producer came to me with a part he thought only I could play. It's the role of a gigolo," Ranvir says with a straight face. Ranvir has earlier played a male street-walker in Madhur Bhandarkar's Traffic Signal.

Ranvir calls Ugly Aur Pagli his "big one". "It isn't the first time I'm playing the lead. I've done it twice before. And I don't at all resent the fact that Mallika is grabbing all the attention. She is a bigger star. I'm quite happy letting her be in the limelight. Very frankly, no film can sell on my strengths, whatever they may be. Ugly Aur Pagli is a very quirky comedy. Mallika plays a bit of a bully. She slaps me around. I don't mind being slapped by her as long as the film works."

Ranvir was at the Osian Film Festival last week. But had to return before his film Mumbai Cutting where he features in one of the ten segments, could be screened. "I had shooting back in Mumbai. Can you believe it? I couldn't attend my own screening. I'm quite happy with the volume of work I'm doing. And if I've two releases in two weeks it's just a matter of chance. I'm still finishing one movie at a time. Actually, I've three releases in a month. I've Singh Is Kinng on August 5. I play Katrina's boyfriend. And I'm one of the non-Sardars. I'm the guy Akshay steals Katrina from. I'm quite happy with my career right now. I'm booked for the next one year for back-to-back. Personally too, my life couldn't be better."

Ranvir is also very happy with I Am 24. "It has Rajat Kapoor in the lead and is directed by Saurabh Shukla. I play Rajat's bullshitting best friend. I don't mind doing supporting roles. Often they're more interesting than the lead. So why should I let them go?"