Innocence of ’80s can’t be replicated: Deepti Naval


By Hindustan Times

Eighties’ popular actor, Deepti Naval, has not been as active in movies as some of her contemporaries. She admits it’s her folly.

“I am very choosy, so I end up doing fewer films. But I love acting and all I want to do is work, work and work. But the lack of good roles is holding me back. These days, challenging roles are few and far between. But I am also tired of saying no to most projects that come along, so I have decided to be more flexible now.”

Her next projects is a film called Listen Amaya, where she will star opposite Farooq Shaikh. The film is directed by Avinash Kumar Singh. She was also seen in a TV show called Mukti Bandhan a while ago. Are more TV shows in the offing? “I don’t want to play a typical character on TV. I would like to do a progressive role —something that would be exciting for me.”

What does she think of the remake of her hit film Chashme Buddoor (1981)? “The innocence of the 80’s can’t be replicated, no matter what. But I am curious to see the depiction of the youth in the film. Today, youngsters aren’t innocent and they will have different issues and problems than the ones highlighted in the original film. Back then holding a girl’s hand was a big deal; it isn’t so nowadays. I am fond of David (Dhawan, director of Chashme Buddoor remake); he’s an old colleague and friend. I am looking forward to watching the film.”