Indian techies to rescue Iron Man?

By Hindustan Times

Hollywood’s newfound, and obvious, interest in India keeps growing. With the country being a major market for the American film industry (and still, a relatively cheap shooting location) it’s understandable that more and more directors want to shoot here.

The latest news is that makers of the Robert Downey Jr superhero film — Iron Man 3 — will soon be location scouting in India. They are also looking to take things a step further, by having Indian techies in the two IT hubs — Hyderabad and Bengaluru — sort out some technical glitches for Iron Man.

A trade source reveals that a contingent of about 12 people, led by director Shane Black, is set to fly down to India by this month-end for a recce. “They will be here between January 20 and 24 for an extensive location hunt for certain scenes of the film,” says the source.