IndiaFM reveals Mumbai 10


By IndiaFM

Gone are the days when commercial and art cinema were regarded as arch opponents of each other. But today’s ‘scene’ is such that people have started making commercially arty cinema and vice versa, and have started attempting many a thing which were never thought of in Bollywood before!

One such attempt is by Samrat Shah and Niyati Sengupta-Shah, of ‘White Clouds Production’ the people behind the forthcoming film Mumbai 10, a compilation of ten films by ten of the most hot-shot directors with Sahara Motion Pictures as the presenter of Mumbai 10. In this two part interview with Niyati Sengupta Shah, IndiaFM brings you the details about this unique project which was kept under wraps all this while. What is Mumbai 10 all about? How did this film come about?
Mumbai 10 is a compilation of ten short films based on the city of Bombay. Each of the movies is of 10 minutes duration, and is put together as one film. We have ten different directors on board and Mumbai 10 is their take on the city of Bombay, but the USP of these films is that they are not inter-linked. We gave Bombay as the theme to each of the directors and the stories that have come out are really very interesting. We have shot nine films in all; and we are going to shoot the tenth one. It’s very interesting the way all the directors have revealed the hidden truth about the city. The most innovative thing about the film are the directors that we have on board.

Who are the directors with whom you are working with?
They are all interesting filmmakers like Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Kashyap, Kundan Shah, Rituparno Ghosh, Rahul Dholakia, Saket Choudhary, Revathi, Manish Jha, and Ruchi Narain.

Mumbai 10 is a very unique concept of film making. How did this come about?
I had thought of this concept two years back when I was planning to release it on broadband. I wasn’t planning on a big scale like this though. Since broadband had just entered India then, it was touted as a very new and interesting medium. I was actually planning for the wireless medium and the first person whom I approached was Sudhir (Mishra) sir. He was completely excited about the concept and was also the first person to give the nod.

How different is Mumbai 10 from Dus Kahaniyaan?
Do I really have to answer this question? I would have answered this question if I was seeing Dus Kahaniyaan as competition to Mumbai 10, but it is not. Both are on a different plane altogether. The kind of filmmakers that we have is very different. These people will probably be able to do the right kind of justice to Mumbai 10. The way the entire film is shaping up to be is extremely different, because every film has had a separate unit working on it. Nobody has been repeated anywhere in the film, not as actors or even technicians. Whether it is the cinematographer, or the costume designer, every film has a different technician working on it. Every film has a different flavor attached to it.