India trip on Morgan's mind!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 4 -- Seventy-four-year old Amercian actor Morgan Freeman Swas bestowed a Lifetime Achievement award at the recently concluded MAMI 2011.

His new film, A Dolphin's Tale was chosen to close the event as well. But although the actor was unable to collect his award in person, he did record a video message for his Indian fans in his trademark reserved demeanour laced with humour.

"I appreciate the love and gratitude my fans and well-wishers have showered upon me in India. I have read a lot about India and some of my friends who have visited the country have such lovely things to say about the rich culture and heritage. It is definitely in my top list of places to visit," says Freeman, apologising for his no-show due to a tight schedule.

In Dolphin's Tale, the actor will be seen playing a prosthetics doctor in the story that revolves around a real-life dolphin's heartrending tale of survival and how it became an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. He says, "This film inspires one to overcome the challenges in life, which should be the motto for each of us."

When asked to advise people facing extreme situations like losing a limb, a loved one, divorce or even a job that's dear to them, he says, "Fight back, as the world is waiting to see the best in you." I have read a lot about India and my friends who have visited the country have said lovely things about the culture and heritage.

Actor Morgan Freeman On his experience of working with Winter, the dolphin on whose life the film is based, he smiles, "I have been close to horses, dogs, chickens, and geese but never to a fish (sic). So I was trying to ingratiate myself. It's just like a little child. She shies away and then she comes back, and then finally you can touch her a little bit, and that's enough, so you feel like you're really accomplishing something if she lets you be close and pet her."