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Author : Divya Unny Date : 9/25/2007
Hollywood filmmaker John Jeffcoat on exploring the lives of iNDIAN call-centre employees

He is an American filmmaker who has managed to explore the ever-booming call centre culture in India like no one else. And now he becomes the only Hollywood director to be felicitated at an upcoming Asian film festival.

After receiving global critical acclaim, including at the Cannes film festival, director John Jeffcoat's 'Outsourced' is now being screened at the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) with other Indian films like 'Loins of Punjab' and 'Dharam'. Says John Jeffcoat for whom it all began with a basic curiosity about people from a non-English speaking culture, "I made it to India for the first time when I was shooting a documentary about Indian cinema, where it occurred to me that there was a real opportunity to make an American independent film there with high production values, on a low budget. I thought there may be a way to tie some of my experiences travelling abroad with the outsourcing phenomenon through this film."The film, that has also been screened at IFFI in Goa and other festivals in Mumbai, was actually made for an American audience according to John.

"I had set out to make this film for an American audience and didn't know how Indians would respond to it. There is a sense of warmth I experienced from the Indians I met, which I wanted to convey through the film. A lot of Indians tell me how authentic it is, while other Americans (who have never been to India) challenge its authenticity," he laughs mentioning that a chunk of it has been shot in Mumbai.

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