India’s first 11-D theatre to open soon in Ranchi



3-Dimensional, 4-D and 5-D are passé. 11-D is making its debut in India on July 18 and Jharkhand capital Ranchi is the venue for the launch of the first-of-its-kind 11-D show in the country.

The 11-D experience will not only increase the perception of depth in a film manifold but also give viewers the excitement of lightning, rain, snow, smoke and bubble simulations along with a feeling of neck blasts, aromas, seat vibrators, strobes, air blasts and leg ticklers in the theatre.

Appropriately enough, the theatre is called Goosebumps and is being opened by Sipra Entertainments. “This is the first multifunctional theatre in India,” said Sipra Entertainments proprietor Parul Singhal.

“3D, 4D, 5D and 7D theatres have become common in India. The speciality of the 11-D theatre is that people would have a live experience of the movies. This would be the first theatre where visitors would experience 16 special effects,” said Jitendra Singhal, team leader of Sipra Entertainments.

He said 11-D films are special 20-30-minute movies, currently made on wildlife, environment and other issues.

There would be 24 seats per show at Goosebumps and ticket prices between Monday and Thursday would be R150 and between Friday and Sunday be Rs. 175. “This is affordable for the common man,” Jitendra said.

With 24 shows a day, Goosebumps hopes to do good business.