Imtiaz and I share the same wavelength- Shahid Kapoor


By IndiaFM

He is blessed with innocent eyes and a smile that can melt ice. His lips speak the volume of love and his nature exhibits the sweetness of a cow. He is none other than Shahid Kapoor, son of the legendary actor Pankaj Kapoor. Having started his Bollywood ka safar with Ishq Vishk, he has now hit the bull's eye with his latest blockbuster Jab We Met, a movie that's creating records world over, only to surpass them! The impact of Jab We Met is so huge and massive, that the ‘cutie-pie’ is now being called as 'Sha-Hit Kapoor'. Well, he was all yours during a chat session at IndiaFM. And for those, who missed it, need not fret, coz' here's a wrap-around of the chat with the man with the boyish charms, Sha-Hit Kapoor…we mean…Shahid Kapoor.

pooja : Hello Shahid, how are you? I’m huge fan of’s great to have you on Indiafm.
Shahid Kapoor: Hi there!
amina007 : hi Shahid! How are you? Do you have any siblings?
Shahid Kapoor : Hey Amina! I’m very well; yes I have two brothers and sister all younger to me

MYLOVE : When is your birthday?
Shahid Kapoor : Mylove, 25th February.

kalu_soni : hiii Shahid Kapoor, How are you doing? Congrats, on Jab We Met.
Shahid Kapoor : Hey Kalu...thanks so much.. I hope you saw the film.

amina007 : Hi Shahid! I am Amina & I am 18. I met you backstage in San Francisco, last year for the Rockstars concert? Thanks for being nice for taking pictures with fans, unlike the other stars.
Shahid Kapoor: Hey Amina!! It was one of the best experiences of my life coming
abroad and interacting with you guys and thanks for all the love and hope to see you again for other shows.

Poonam : So Shahid, how do you think, you have grown as an actor?
Shahid Kapoor : Poonam, I still think there is a long way to go and I guess I have been really lucky to work with a large range of directors like Abbas-Mustan to Sooraj Barjatiya to now a young guy like Imtiaz.

kalu_soni : Your best actor ever! I really wish I could meet you, when are you coming to UK? Do you plan to come to UK?
Shahid Kapoor : Kalu..I love London. And i m sure I’ll make a visit very soon. hope to catch you there

Nisha : While in college, what was your aim?
Shahid Kapoor: Honestly, I was not sure what I wanted to do then. I was just having fun in life like most teenagers.

Aks : Hi, Shahid...Been your exhibitor for Vivah...screened the film in about 12 of my chain's centers...must congratulate you for its success...when’s the film with Mr. Pankaj Kapoor starting?
Shahid Kapoor : Aks. That’s wonderful to hear... I guess it is a small world... My film with dad will be next year mid

Sadia : Hey I can’t believe that we got chance to chat with is your relation with Imtiaz off the set?
Shahid Kapoor : Sadia, Imtiaz and I connected very well as a people from our very first meeting itself. I guess being young we have the same wavelenths...he is a one of the nicest and most balanced people I have come across.

Anu: Hello Shahid, how are you, I like you since I saw your Dil Mange More flick. Do you plan to do any negative characters in future?
Shahid Kapoor : Anu.. I would love to do such a role. I am just waiting for the right script.

kamal khan : Hi've become my favorite actor after Jab We Met. I’ve seen the film 3 times by now & never got bored. Not only is it a feel good and entertaining film, your performance was just awesome.
Shahid Kapoor : thank you. Thank you....thank you...................................

Ambar : Hey Shahid..This is Ambar from ATLANTA. The song ‘Mauja Mauja’ simply many takes did you take for that song?
Shahid Kapoor : me its not easy as it looks. It does take 4 to 5 days to shoot one song. Not counting the many rehearsals.

ek_ladki : Where do you party generally? Did you get time to party?
Shahid Kapoor : Ek-Ladki, I am not too much of a party person. I like spending time with my family and I’m a movie buff so you can catch me every Friday at the nearest theatre...Popkorn in my hands.

Poonam : Since when are you dancing? How much of dancing skills, do you owe to Shaimak Dawar.
Shahid Kapoor : Poonam, What ever I’m as a dancer today is because of shaimak.. I have trained with him over 4 years.

Keval : Is it true that you are doing another film with Kareena?
Shahid Kapoor: Keval, We have not been offered a script yet but would love to work with her again.

Shirani7 : Saw you on Jhalak Dikhlaja you ever think of being on TV other than in films?
Shahid Kapoor : Shirani7, first let me consolidate myself in films.. I guess I have just started here. I think there is time before I consider other options.

angie : Who did the styling in JWM.
Shahid Kapoor : Angie, my costume designer is Shabina khan. She does for all my films

hamed faisal : How was ‘Vivah’as an experience
Shahid Kapoor : Hamed Faisal..i think where ever, I’m today is thanks to ‘Vivah’..I will always be grateful to Soorajji for making me part of this memorable film.

abhi : Hey Shahid, When you are doing action movie?
Shahid Kapoor : Abhi.. I think that’s a great idea.. I’ll start looking for the script immediately.

PRIYA64 : I heard it’s your best performance till date what do you think?
Shahid Kapoor : Priya64, heard means you have not seen my film.. So go see it and decide for yourself.

PRIYA64 : What’s your favorite song from the movie?
Shahid Kapoor : priya64.. It’s between two songs Tum Se Hi and Mauja.

Ambar : I woke up at four in the morning ..Just to tell you that you were brilliant in Jab We Met...I loved the movie.
Shahid Kapoor : hahahaha.. That’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me on this chat, Ambar...Lots lots of love.

Loven : hi Shahid, you are very talented man, keep it up!!
Shahid Kapoor : Thanks so much will try my best..Loven.

amina007 : Are you really INTERNET-savvy?
Shahid Kapoor : Amina007..Honestly I think I am still in kinder garden when it comes to internet.

hamed faisal : If there was a remake of DDLJ would you want to feature in it...since you have the looks of a chocolate boy?
Shahid Kapoor : Hamesd faisal..That’s so sweet of you but I think nobody can replace SRK in the film... It’s one of my favorite films ever.

neha : Which is your favorite holiday spot?
Shahid Kapoor : Neha....anywhere in Europe.. I just love that place.

PRIYA64 : What are your up coming movies? Heard that you have sign a 3 movie deal
Shahid Kapoor : My next release is with Aziz Mirza... Then a musical which I’m really looking forward because I love dancing.

LeeniP : Shahid you are hottie ;) How was the train ride that you took for JWM?
Shahid Kapoor : Leeni..It was a great fun. Reminded me of my college days when I used to travel.

Bhool : I have heard that you are working with AKKI in 8 by 10,Is that true?
Shahid Kapoor : no, Bhool

bambi : Shahid, ’JAB WE MET’ is on every TV channel and on Radio stations here in London.
Shahid Kapoor : Bambi.. I hope soon it will be in theatres too :)

AnjaliKR_93gal: Which has been your best dance performance ever?
Shahid Kapoor : Anjalikr: I think the stage shows that I did in UK and US were I had the most fun Because I got to interact so closely with all my fans.

Shahid Kapoor : Bye guys Great thanks so much for login in. always a pleasure interacting with you guys... N always remember believe in yourself and nothing is Impossible...Lots of hugs and kisses...cheers!!!