Imran's personal wardrobe on the big screen



Mumbai, April 24 -- Playing various kinds of roles comes with the challenge of getting each look right, in an attempt to fit into character. So Imran Khan, who plays a tapori in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (OUATIMA), went through a lot of research that was done by his production team, interacted with people who form the underbelly of the city and even used clothes from his own wardrobe to add authenticity.

A source says, "He is leaving no stone unturned. He plays a Muslim character for the first time, and to perform the role to his best, Imran got his stylist to incorporate the look of a common Muslim man. He's used some of his own Pathani suits, since they fit the character. He worked closely with his stylist because being a Muslim himself, he wanted to get every detail right."

Imran even grew a moustache for the film, although he had the option of using a fake one. The source says, "He asked his uncle Aamir Khan's driver to take him to Dongri to understand the lifestyle and mannerisms of the Muslims living there. During Eid last year, he went to Mohammad Ali Road to get a feel of being among the locals and to research his look."

In an earlier interview, Imran had said, "OUATIMA is not only set in a certain area but is also a period film. We can make the characters and era believable only with pre-planning and homework."