Imran's new look for 'Delhi Belly'

By Taran Adarsh, A HREF="">Bollywood Hungama News Network

Have you seen Imran Khan lately? Long, dishevelled hair, a stubble, he's even lost weight. All for a role. The film in question? Uncle Aamir Khan's DELHI BELLY. "I am on a strict diet, having one meal a day. That's the demand of the character. He has to look lean. Aamir Uncle has asked me to follow a regime, you know how particular he is about everything," Imran tells me.

Talking of DELHI BELLY, Imran feels the film holds tremendous appeal for the international audiences. "It should prove to be that breakthrough film in the international markets. Aamir knows better, he must've done a lot of homework before plunging headlong into this f