Imran's a credit seeker!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 26 -- He might be amongst the highest-paid actors in Bollywood, but Imran Khan doesn't believe in footing the bill. So, if you spot him scooting off after filling petrol at Bandra gas stations or restaurants, don't be surprised. In fact, staff at his regular haunts in Bandra are aware of his habits.

After filling up his tank at petrol pumps, he's known to signal to the staff that he'll pay later. Apparently, attendants have even visited his home to collect their dues.

"Everyone does eventually get paid," insists Imran. "But I am a total believer of 'udhaar walas' (those who live on credit). All of us at some point have told the 'paanwala' shop, 'I will pay tomorrow.' It's not like you don't pay. All my friends still do this and for me, it's a habit," says the Delhi Belly actor.

Not many know that Imran hates to carry money around, so his wallet is either left at home, or devoid of cash. While growing up, he admits that he could walk into any store or grocery shop and pick up whatever he needed without worrying about the payments. But he insists that someone would eventually clear all his debts.