Imran Khan plans a gift for Anushka Sharma


By Hindustan Times

Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma share a common love for the city of Bengaluru. While Anushka was born and brought up in the city, Imran did his schooling there. Since both of them have a special connection with the place, during the shooting for their upcoming film Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, the
two actors spent a lot of time talking and reminiscing about their days in the city.

A source reveals, “On the sets of the film, Imran and Anushka used to have long chats. They would often ask each other things like ‘have you been to that small place where you get the best coffee?’ or 'have you seen this place?’

Recently, Imran was at a painting auction and came across a painting inspired by the city. Apparently, he couldn't help but think of buying it instantly as he wanted to gift it to Anushka. The source says, "Artistically, the painting depicts Bengaluru in a similar way that late artiste Mario Miranda painted Goa. It is a very expensive piece of artwork and it has a map of the city with a few highlights of places and people."

When contacted, a spokesperson on behalf of Imran says, "Imran doesn't like to talk about his friends. With Anushka, he shares a special bond on Bengaluru as they both have lived in the city for many years. It's natural for the two to have discussions about it.”