Imran Khan mobbed!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Mar. 23 -- When Imran Khan had to visit a spa in Madh Island in Mumbai for the shoot of filmmaker Karan Johar's Short Term Shaadi last week, he decided to cut down on travel time and take a ferry to the location. The actor, who started from his Bandra home accordingly, reached the location 30 minutes late.

Reason: Fans refused to let the actor get off the ferry until he had signed autographs and posed for photographs with them. Director Shakun Batra understood his predicament and didn't reprimand him for turning up late.

A source says, "Turns out, Imran forgot that other actors took the ferry early morning or late evening and thereby avoided getting mobbed. Imran chose to drive two-and-half hours to the location the following day. And did so for the rest of the week, like his leading lady Kareena Kapoor."

In the film, Imran plays an obsessive-compulsive architect who can't tolerate anything out of place. According to reports, the newly married actor will also shoot his first intimate scene for the film with late actor Vinod Mehra's daughter, actor Soniya Mehra. The actor was reportedly very reluctant to do the role and both Johar and Batra had to convince him to do it.