Imran Khan loses bags at Dubai airport


By Hindustan Times

It’s surely an interesting start to a film’s promotion. How else would you describe Imran Khan losing his bag at the Dubai airport? The actor, who was in the city for the promotions of his upcoming film, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, was stuck at the airport for over 24 hours in the same clothes he was
traveling in.

“Imran didn’t have anything else to wear. Naturally, he was worried. Other team members, who were traveling with him, didn’t know whether to wait for his luggage to arrive or shop for some new clothes,” says a source close to the actor.

Confirms Imran: “Yes, it turns out that somebody else on the flight had the exact same bag as mine and he ended up taking my bag. But I have managed to buy a pairs of shirts and socks from the Dubai Mall. So, at least I wouldn’t have to be in the same clothes for the next few days,” laughs the actor.

Apparently, Imran planned to take the similar looking bag of his co-traveler as hostage, but airline authorities didn’t allow him to do it. It is said that despite identifying the traveler, who caused the baggage mix-up, the airline did not honour Imran’s request of contacting him for fear of invading his privacy.

Apparently, Imran finds the entire incident quite interesting and plans to put it in his travelogue that he is maintaining during the promotional drive of the film. He plans to upload it to Dharma Productions and UTV’s YouTube accounts.

From Dubai, Imran is set to go to New York and London for the promotions. “And what has got us really worried is that both the places are really cold. And he is not left with any winter clothes like sweater or jacket. Maybe, we have to buy a new wardrobe for him,” says the source.