Imran Khan: Hard at workout!



Mumbai, May 7 -- These days, Imran Khan is a busy man with multiple films and ads. But this month has been harder on him. He has been shooting for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again, a film that is racing against time to stay on schedule for Eid on August 8.

To fulfil the shooting requirements, Imran has been filming non-stop without a break. And to make sure that the deadlines are not missed, he has been skipping workouts so far.

A source says, "Imran works out regularly. He has to maintain his body for his other upcoming projects too. So when he realised that he wasn't getting any time to workout, he decided to bring his trainer on the sets. He gets two breaks in a day lasting half an hour each, and he has been putting the time to maximum use. This way, he finishes his work on time, while not missing on the workout."

Ask Imran about this and he says, "This last schedule of the film has been gruelling. We have been shooting 12-hour shifts every day, all month, without a single off. As a result, I have had to bring my trainer on the set to work out in between shots. We have also built a space for dance rehearsals."