Imran Khan bonds with Jats


By Hindustan Times

Working in a Vishal Bhardwaj film means putting in a lot of hard work. The director is the best example of filmmakers who get personally involved in grooming actors to play their roles to perfection. For his upcoming film, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, Vishal sent lead actor Imran Khan, who plays Matru, on a month-long training trip to Delhi to hang out with Jats and imbibe their mannerisms.

A source tells us, "Vishal had asked Imran to completely change his body language and learn Haryanvi for the film. He requested NK Sharma, who runs a Delhi-based theatre-acting group, to train Imran for the film."

And as part of his training, the coach introduced Imran to five young Jat men and explained to him that it was crucial to spend time with them to understand his own role in the film.

The source adds, "For a month, Imran spent about five hours a day with them. He ate, shopped and even practised his dialogues with them. Sharma instructed the boys to talk to Imran only in Haryanvi and told Imran to attempt responding to them in the same language."

Finally, after the training, when Vishal met the actor, he seemed convinced that Imran had understood his part well. The source tells us, "When the coach and Vishal met Imran after a month, they agreed that he had mastered Haryanvi and was ready to start shooting."