Imran finally will be doing Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Will he? Wont he? Will he? Wont he? This in and out game has been going on for a very long time. But now Aamir Khan finally seems to have found his leading man for his home production Delhi Belly. In case you are wondering who the lucky boy is, its none other than Bollywood's latest pin-up boy and Aamir's very own bhanja- Imran Khan.

While the rumors have been going around for a long time that Imran had signed the film, it's only recently that the actor has finally given his nod. In case you are wondering what took Imran so long to give the nod to his maamujaan it's the same old dates-issue.

Apparently, Imran's dates were booked with Soham's Luck but as luck would have it the dates of Luck got preponed which gives Imran time to do Delhi Belly.

Imran will be seen playing a young foreign returned guy in the sex comedy- Delhi Belly For the uninitiated, Delhi Belly is being directed by noted ad filmmaker Abhinay Deo.

Must say, Aamir Khan is shaping his Bhanja's career immaculately.