I'm turning producer with Fashion - Madhur


By IndiaFM

Was the delay in your new project Fashion only because of the script?
No, I also wanted to take a break to give time to my family after my daughter was born. Also I'm turning producer with Fashion. It'll be co-produced by me and UTV.

Do you feel flattered when films like Breaking News copy your theme and style?
I'm told films do look at Corporateand Page 3 for inspiration. There's nothing wrong with it. I've also been inspired by so many filmmakers like Gulzar and Ram Gopal Varma. Are there shades of the negative in Priyanka’s role?
It’s substantial and strong. And something she has never done before. Nor has such a character been shown in our cinema. Naturally she'll be the main protagonist. And her character will have many shades, several ups and downs. We'll see the entire fashion industry from her character's point of view. Wasn't that the case in Chandni Bar, Satta, Page 3? But other characters in Fashion will have equally substantial roles.

Personally how do you hope to move forward with Fashion?
Fashion will re-invent my image. It will be real but also intrinsically glossy.