"I'm star struck and have always been. I'm obsessed by filmstars" - Karan Johar


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Koffee and 'K' is his obsession and his Name is Karan. Known for his kind of "bubble gum cinema" Karan expresses his thoughts on Bollywood and honestly reveals the "dishonest honesty" about the Film Fraternity, including himself in his blog 'My Name Is Karan'.

Bollywood Hungama brings you some excerpts of his blog, www.mynameiskaran.com. Excerpts from his first blog are as follows:

Dated: June 19, 2008
"So let me start by saying, I am star struck, and have always been. I love, adore, and am obsessed by film stars. I like to befriend them, I enjoy meeting them, I love having them in my inbox, and more importantly, I'm constantly trying to add to my collection. There, I said it. For many years, I had a desire to be popular. It's like I wanted to win every congeniality contest in the world. It made me artificial. I didn't quite like that about myself but I also didn't know how to get out of that zone. I used to gush about women in terrifying clothes. Appreciate god awful celluloid performances. Hug and kiss people I wanted to send to jail and even applaud films that should never have been released. I had become the Godzilla of fake."

Karan's latest entry in the blog has been about some obvious traits of the Bollywood Fraternity. Surely, Karan hasn't missed out on anything. This is a view completely from an insider. So here are the excerpts of the latest entry:

Dated: July 11, 2008
"I love the film fraternity. I love everything about it. Nowhere in the world will you find such a cocktail of complexes, complexities, contradictions, and of course, charisma. We are unique and our DNA must be preserved for posterity. Why deny generations ahead of our vanity and our insanity? Pardon the rhyme; it's with good reason. So what makes us so special? Well, read on.

In Denial:

We deny our relationships, affairs, infidelities, and enmities. We love denial. God forbid if we started admitting to things, the speculation would stop, and we just can't have that. We like to be in the news, and to make sure of that we employ publicists who plant stories under our surveillance that we later deny with an absolute straight face. It's called "The Art of Convenient Alzheimer's." The truth is we love the invasion and we feed off the trash. We deny this of course.

Star Hatings:

Favorite conversation piece at fraternity affairs: critic bashing. It's more fashionable than bling (Bappi's back!) From saying they are bought to calling them biased, we don't leave a single stone unturned. We take all the critics' comments personally and feel it's a vendetta against us. Maybe we actually made a bad film??? Oh god, how could I have just said that? We never make bad films, we make "misunderstood cinema", understood? All this can change because all it takes is a 4 star review (5 stars would be pushing it) and paragraphs of gush and we're back on track. The next step is to give full-page ads in leading newspapers highlighting the critic's comments in "inverted commas." Double standards?? Don't be silly; we think it's our birthright.

Disease of Delusion:

The fastest spreading disease within the fraternity is the disease of delusions. It can give any viral a run for its medicine. We are delusional about the box office figures of our films, our current star status, our lover's fidelity, and our physical appearances (though thanks to Photoshop, that gets taken care of)…

And the Loser is…:

A very wise man once told me, (oh forget it, lets give credit where its due) Javed Akhtar once told me, "Take the awards seriously the year you get them." Year after year, we've been going on about the commercialization of our film awards. The rigged decisions, the lobbies and the camps, the jury villains and the vamps. Yet year after year, we land up in our shimmering saris, ill fitted gowns, and tacky tuxedos. The criterion for turning up is simple; either we're winning or performing. A combination of the two is ideal...

So please allow us our quirks and shortcomings. We never claimed to be perfect; you put us on that pedestal. Chew on that while we go back to making movies, for what in the world is better than that."

Saying all this, Karan seems to be using the blog to promote his own films and also the films he likes. Besides announcing his film, My Name Is Khan, he has also requested everyone to watch Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na.

Well, if you found 'Koffee With Karan' entertaining then his blog 'My Name is Karan' only promises to continue the trend...

Way to go KJo!