I'm fifty percent through with Click - Sangeeth Sivan


By IndiaFM

His is a name that 'spells' music. We are indeed talking about the much-in-demand director, Sangeeth Sivan. With the success of films like Kya Kool Hai Hum, Apna Sapna Money Money Money behind him, Sangeeth is indeed a man to watch out for. Speaking to IndiaFM about his film Ek, whose release has been postponed unceremoniously, he explained, “From my side, the shooting, background scores and effects are over. I just need to do the title song. There are some dates of Bobby which are required for the song for two days and he has to complete the dubbing. As of now, I was told that the film will be releasing sometime in January next year.”Unlike many others in Bollywood, Sivan was very forthright and forthcoming about the fact that Ek is a remake of his Telugu hit, Athadu, a story of an orphan called Nandu, who is a professional killer. When asked about it, Sivan said, “Its not that we have adopted the same story altogether. We have actually changed it quite a bit. The whole characterization of Nana Patekar is different. I have added more emotions in the film. The film has got some real life action with stylization and is definitely not one of those 'flying' types. There are some great performances in the film by Nana and Bobby; both of them in a very different avataar.”

Eyebrows are bound to be raised regarding the odd pairing between Bobby and Nana. But Sivan says that he was all for this pair, since he himself wanted an odd pair. And as far as the characterization of these two actors are concerned, Bobby plays the role of man who is very quite and not very forthcoming, but, at the same time, there is also a tinch of humor in his character. And Sivan is very confident of the fact that Nana's role is something that he has never done before. Nana, who has always been shown as the middle class man, brings in the humor element in this film. He has plays the role of a hunk in Ek. The rest of the cast include Kulbhushan Kharbandha, and Zareena Wahab.

When asked about his future projects like the awaited sequel of Kya Kool Hai Hum, Sivan said, “They are still working on the script. I told them that until I am very clear and sure about the script, I will not go ahead with it. They are working on it, but nothing has been come of it. There are 2-3 problems which are bothering me a little bit. And when Kya Kool Hai Hum was released, it became more of a cult film. So, it had a certain amount of double meaning. And now, when you say 'Kya Kool 2', then, the audiences start expecting the same kind of flavour. And if you do not give them that, then, there is no point. There is a limit to which I want to play around with the double meaning stuff”. And as far as his backlog project Sandhya is concerned, he said that, from his side, the film was complete. Only the mixing is remaining and that they are trying their best to get the film see the light of the day.

Sivan added that he also has this unique film called Network, which is about a man and his relationship with his cell phone. This film stars Nana Patekar and the rest of the cast is still to be finalized. Talking about the plot of this film, he said “It is about how a common man who can be manipulated into being what they want to do, whoever they are. I got a cell phone in the picture; it becomes easier for the audiences to identify with the character and also with the film. And besides Network, I also am producing a horror film with Shreyas Talpade, which is 50 % through. Alongwith Shreyas, there is Sneha Ullal, and Rehaan Khan. I am going to Mauritius during the end of the month for the song shot of the film. The film is called Click. It's all about the camera being able to capture spirits.”