Ignore rumours about Talaash: Aamir Khan

By Hindustan Times

The Aamir Khan-starrer Talaash created a lot of buzz with its teaser promo.

But since then, rumours have been rife that director Reema Kagti’s psychological thriller might be ‘inspired’ by multiple films. But the makers haven’t attempted to deny or clarify any such reports.

Here’s why:

Aamir’s diktat to his team, right from the start, has been that they should not clarify or comment on this issue. “Even though rumours have been doing the rounds, he has told the team to not say anything. He wants everyone to focus on the promos,” says a source from the production unit.

To start with, conjecture is that Talaash could be a remake of the Tamil thriller Anniyan (2005). Similarities have also been drawn to two Hollywood films — the 2003 American horror-mystery film, Identity, and the