IFFI: Where Israel and Iran shake hands!

By Hindustan Times

The jury at the ongoing 42nd International Film Festival of India has an unusual touch to it. Two eminent members come from two countries that see each other as enemies.

Iran’s Tahmineh Milani is a renowned director from Iran, whose movies on women and the 1979 Iranian Revolution have created a storm. Her Two Women and The 5th Reaction have been particularly applauded for their courage of conviction.

On the other hand, Israel’s charismatic and popular helmer, Dan Wolman, has been celebrated for works such as Tied Hands and Ben’s Biography.

Now on the jury, headed by yet another famous auteur-director, India’s Adoor Gopalakrishnan, both Wolman and Milani said they were happy to be outside the sphere of hostilities imposed by their political boundaries. Affirming that they were not politicians, but